Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The best part of John Yoo's Philadelphia Inquirer column is this:
With large majorities at his back, FDR pushed through sweeping legislative efforts to end the Great Depression (which never really worked).
Yoo's essay was mostly about the Supreme Court and pending replacements. He didn't have to opine on the New Deal. But he did. And to a viewpoint that is contrary to the evidence and judgment of historians.

Yoo reminds me of a particular kind of religious person. In a discussion about something-or-another they hew to the topic at hand, but eventually they can't hold it in and have to tell you that Jesus saves. This isn't a slam on Christians. They are ideological, and that's their right.

Looking at Yoo (and others) one has to conclude that the Republican party is strongly ideological as well. But political parties have to be empirical and pragmatic to survive. Republicans appear to be headed for marginalization as long as they cling to an invented and fictional view of the world.


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