Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Glenn Beck connection:

It was inevitable. From the ADL:
Richard Poplawski was a white supremacist arrested in Pittsburgh on April 4, 2009, for the murder of three Pittsburgh police officers responding to a domestic violence call. ...

Poplawski ... found expression for his hateful opinions on Stormfront, the world's largest white supremacist on-line discussion forum. ...

Following the Super Bowl victory of the Pittsburgh Steelers in early February 2009, Poplawski used the celebrations that occurred in Pittsburgh as an opportunity to "survey police procedure in an unrestful environment," and reported the results of his reconnaissance to fellow Stormfronters. "It was just creepy seeing busses [sic] put into action by authorities, as if they were ready to transport busloads of Steeler fans to 645 FEMA drive if necessary."

This last comment was a reference to popular right-wing conspiracy theories about Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-constructed prisons and concentration camps for U.S. citizens. ...

Poplawski bought into the ... conspiracy theories hook, line and sinker, even posting a link to Stormfront of a YouTube video featuring talk show host Glenn Beck talking about FEMA camps with Congressman Ron Paul.
Here is Glenn Beck on FEMA:
I have to tell you, I am doing a story tonight, that I wanted to debunk these FEMA camps. I'm tired of hearing about them -- you know about them? I'm tired of hearing about them. I wanted to debunk them.

We'll we've now for several days been doing research on them -- I can't debunk them! And we're going to carry the story tonight.
That was in Mid-March. After the murder of the police, he probably got a memo from Rupert Murdoch. Crooks and Liars reports:
... yesterday, Glenn Beck actually did a very good thing on his Fox News show: He completely eviscerated the conspiracy theories about supposed "FEMA concentration camps" that have been a favorite of the right-wing lunatic fringe for some time now.

It is in fact an impressive and thorough debunking of the rumors, led by Jim Meigs of Popular Mechanics, who's very good at this kind of work. Meigs, as it happens, concludes that these theories originated in the 1990s with the Patriot/militia movement.
Too late, Glenn.


is it me or has the media concentrated more attention on the vietnamese-american shooter than the rightwing cop killer?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/08/2009 2:49 AM  

Well, the NY nut killed about 4X as many people as the PA nut...

By Blogger Laurie Mann, at 4/08/2009 6:36 PM  

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