Saturday, April 25, 2009

Broder has jumped something:

The shark? Well, not that exactly, but he's clearly decided to embrace the torture issue and basically ignore the law and frame the issue as one of petty emotions:
[Those calling for investigation and prosecution of torture] are looking for individual scalps -- or, at least, careers and reputations.

Their argument is that without identifying and punishing the perpetrators, there can be no accountability -- and therefore no deterrent lesson for future administrations. It is a plausible-sounding rationale, but it cloaks an unworthy desire for vengeance.

Obama should use all the influence of his office to stop the retroactive search for scapegoats.

[Performing investigations will lead to] endless political warfare.
Hilzoy has some apt observations. This column by Broder is going to be one that people will remember, and be critical of, for a long time.

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ALSO: At no point in Broder's essay does he mention violation of the law.


I was curious to find out Mr. Broder's age; he's 79...and will turn 80 on 9/11/09.

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