Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crossing the threshold:

Up until now, if there was a debate about people being awarded damages, it focused on the punitive part. Compensation for restorative medical treatment, pain and suffering, and economic loss, was generally seen as uncontroversial.

But now the Republicans, in their Road to Recovery document (pdf), in the section on health care, write:
"Republicans support reasonable limits on non-economic damages ..."
Which sure sounds like targeting restorative medical and pain and suffering.


No, it sounds to me like it is targeting pain and suffering. Unlike restorative medical treatment and economic loss,
assigning a dollar value to pain and suffering is completely subjective and arguably arbitrary.

One can objectively assign a dollar value to restorative medical treatment -- add up the medical bills. Similarly, one can objectively assign a dollar value to economic loss -- how much money would you have been made if you had not been injured.

How much is a dollar worth of pain?

Do you have any reason to claim that the Republican platform seeks limits on restorative medical care other than your own wild speculation?

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