Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anybody read Maureen Dowd anymore?

During the Bush administration, every so often she'd bring out a new fact or so. But now, it's all limning of characters with stale metaphors (e.g. Obama as Mr. Spock). Uninteresting and boring, with writing that can irritate: Bush is either "W" or "43". Recently there was a column about bankers partying. Out of 806 words, nearly 500 were about Cheryl Crow at a Northern Trust gig (Dowd: Northern Untrustworthy). Check out this filler text:
  • The entertainment Web site TMZ broke the story Tuesday that ...
  • ... four days of posh hotel rooms, salmon and filet mignon dinners, music concerts, a PGA golf tournament at the Riviera Country Club with Mercedes shuttle rides and Tiffany swag bags.
  • ... lavish dinner at the Ritz Carlton on Wednesday with a concert by Chicago (at a $100,000 fee); rented a private hangar at the Santa Monica Airport on Thursday for another big dinner with a gig by Earth, Wind & Fire, and closed down the House of Blues on Sunset Strip on Saturday (at a cost of $50,000) for a dinner and serenade by Sheryl Crow.
  • Crow — in her stint as a federal employee — warbled these lyrics to the oblivious revelers:

    “Slow down, you’re gonna crash,
    Baby, you’re a-screaming it’s a blast, blast, blast
    Look out babe, you’ve got your blinders on ...
    But there’s a new cat in town
    He’s got high payin’ friends
    Thinks he’s gonna change history.”
  • ... had raised $3 million for the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce Charity Foundation and other nonprofits.
"And other nonprofits"! Are you better informed now?.

That's way too much copy/paste of a wire report to be in an opinion piece. No wonder reading her is a chore. Dowd has really lost her way.


She ends up citing her sources a little more than she needs to because the haters jump on her real quick if she doesn't.

I found the Sheryl Crow lyrics she used delightfully ironic. I even used more of that same song in my post on the same column.

By Blogger Mo MoDo, at 3/01/2009 12:33 PM  

Give a "Howdy" to Rowdy Dowdy, who should be eating Crow rather than quoting her. The Big Mo for MoDo's constipated journalism needs fiber, more fiber.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 3/02/2009 4:35 AM  

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