Sunday, February 15, 2009

Willful ignorance:

Somewhat shorter George F.
I found a scientist at the edge of the mainstream who was wrong 35 years ago about the future of mineral resources availability. At the same time, scientists thought the planet might be cooling. Those two facts undercut all advances since then in temperature measurement (mostly satellites) and climate modeling (with computers) which have lead to today's concern about global warming.

In writing this, I'm demonstrating my superiority to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who is merely a Nobel prize winning physicist from Bell Labs and Berkeley, and who happens to agree with the current scientific consensus about climate change.


You know how in biopics filmmakers dramatize one or two scenes from a famous person's youth that supposedly serve as the key to understanding that person's entire life? For Will that really happened. His entire understanding of science can be traced back to a 30-year old prediction in Newsweek that didn't come true. Not a peer-reviewed scientific paper, Newsweek! Newsweek was wrong in 1977 so Will can never trust the scientific world again.

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