Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shorter David Broder:
I will never, ever give up my advocacy of meaningless* bipartisanship. (Also, Obama will need Republicans hel in reducing Social Security benefits.)
* 3 of 218 Republicans in Congress voting with Democrats.

ALSO: Broder actually wrote this:
... Obama ... will need Republican votes to pass the remaining parts of his program. When it comes to energy, regional and commodity interests will inevitably divide the Democrats. They always do. Oil, coal, natural gas and consumer groups will exert their will. If Obama writes off the Republicans in advance, he will end up with a watered-down bill -- or nothing.
According to Broder, adding Republicans to the mix won't water down a bill! He must not have been following the action involving the stimulus bill. No only that, but he thinks Republicans don't harbor "regional and commodity interests". Self-parody rules once again in the pages of the Washington Post.


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