Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A sensible editorial about the mother of octuplets:

In the Daily Titan: (excerpts)
Octomom scrutiny should be elsewhere

... the public outcry against Suleman's decision to have more children through in vitro fertilization after already birthing six children, three of which are on disability according to Los Angeles Times – should be focusing elsewhere. ...

We need to spend less time gossiping about Suleman, and more time questioning the moral and ethical integrity of the person ultimately responsible – her doctor, Michael Kamrava.

He performed all of her in vitro procedures and knew the risks associated with implanting her with six more eggs. Not to mention, he gave his Hippocratic Oath in order to become a doctor. There must be some sort of violation on his part.

He should have realized that Suleman may have not been in the proper state to be birthing again, and send her to a psychiatrist to determine if she would be fit to mother more children.

Kamrava also should not have put all six eggs in Suleman's uterus. He knew the risks and possible outcomes. ...

[Implantation] guidelines state that no woman under 35 should have more than two eggs implanted in her uterus.

In the case of Nadya Suleman and her doctor, the public should be crying out for stricter punishments for guideline violations, and better methods of regulating reproductive technology.
In addition to determining if Suleman is psychologically "fit", existing family size, shelter, and income should also be part of an evaluation.


A doctor can always advise for the good of the client. So the last decision is in the client so we can not argue the statement there above. We all know that the doctor can take good care of us.

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