Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rick Warren on Terri Schiavo:

From Hardball with Chris Matthews: (excerpts)
MATTHEWS: What do you do in that situation, after four or five years of sitting in a room with a person, in this case, 15 years of being in a room where he knows, when he goes in that room, there is not going to be another person in there? What do you do for hope?

WARREN: Well, my first question is, I wonder why [Michael Schiavo] is in a hurry to pull the feeding tube on her. In the first place...

MATTHEWS: Fifteen years is a hurry?


MATTHEWS: You say the husband has moved on, but he is still the guardian. Is this a case where we have the wrong guardian? What is it? Let‘s try to fix the system.

WARREN: Well—well, I‘ll just tell you, frankly, I doubt his veracity in the things that he said. I would question why he is in such a hurry.


MATTHEWS: So why is he doing this, do you think?

WARREN: I have no idea. Well, I don‘t know. There‘s 1,000 reasons could you speculate. What if she came back out of the—out of this state and had something to say that he didn‘t want said?


Rick says this because he knows that if his wife were to go into a coma and then come out, she would have something to say that he wouldn't want said.

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