Monday, November 03, 2008

My problem with McCain:

McCain doesn't like progressive taxation (that's clear from his plan which decreases progressivity and his attacks on Obama's proposal to increase the progressivity of the code). In general contours, McCain prefers something approaching a flat tax. But why should people who earn more be required to pay more in taxes? That's unfair. It's also clearly redistributionist. Instead, we should have a head tax - a fixed amount per person per year*. This crazy notion of taxing a percentage of someone's earnings punishes success, etc.

I don't understand why McCain hasn't been called out for his immoral, socialist, redistributionist stance on taxes.

* Even that's redistributionist. People should make only a single payment one time in their life. Why should people be punished for being successful (i.e. living longer) with a head tax assessed each and every year?


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