Monday, November 03, 2008

My mini-predictions:
  • McCain wins Ohio. That state seems to have gotten steadily more conservative over the last 40 years.
  • McCain wins Missouri. It's pretty much a southern state.
  • Colorado is solid for Obama.
  • Pennsylvania goes Obama.
  • Obama will do better (as a percentage of the vote) in North Carolina than Florida. Not sure if he'll win both, one, or none.
  • Nevada for Obama. That state has been moving towards a Pacic Coast States political orientation over the last 20 years. Mostly because the population growth has been huge, fueled by people moving into the state.
  • South Dakota, Georgia, Montana, and Arizona are McCain wins. If not, then get ready for a sense within the nation that it really has moved towards liberalism. National elections, in addition to selecting officeholders, validates (or falsifies) narratives that until then were held with less surety.
  • SENATE: Pretty much the CW of a gain of 7 seats by Democrats. Also, not being filibuster-proof will be less of a problem than some are predicting.
  • HOUSE: Gains, just not sure where from or how it will affect the ideological stance (if you can speak of one) of the current House.


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