Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did you watch ABC's This Week roundtable?

Great set of commentators:
  • George "The New Deal prolonged the Depression" Will - doing his usual schtik.
  • Tori Clarke - former Pentagon spokswoman under Bush - today praising Amity Shlaes' book that said the New Deal was a mess.
  • Matthew Dowd - chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney '04 presidential campaign - who said that Obama must inflict real pain on liberal/Democratic interest groups (as part of not doing what's best for Democrats, but what's best "for America").
  • Donna Brazile - not the most effective spokesperson for the Democrats.
All in all, great balance. Kudos to ABC for bringing out prople to argue against the just-elected president's economic proposals.


George "The New Deal prolonged the Depression" Will - doing his usual schtik.

Even after Krugman handed his ass to him on that topic, he still peddles his BS. No surprise there.

Amity Shlaes: Shlaes' work has come under fire from respected scholars. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has criticized Shlaes for misunderstanding or misrepresenting the basic tenets of Keynesian economics. Historian Eric Rauchway charges that Shlaes' writings on the Great Depression misrepresent basic historical facts.

She's as sharp as a marble intellectually:

On 2 September 2005, Shlaes wrote a column for the Financial Times arguing that the George W. Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina showed that it had been well prepared for the disaster and that George W. Bush had not been hindered by consideration of federalism in his response. Ten days later, in another Financial Times column, Ms. Shlaes noted that there had in fact been delays in responding to Katrina, but argued that the Bush Administration should not be held responsible for them, because they were simply an unfortunate result of federalism. Shlaes ceased to write columns for the Financial Times shortly thereafter.

She also believes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government programs. Both went private in 1968.

Dowd's a hack, and Brazile's about as useful to the Dems as Alan Colmes. But this is a typical roundtable by ABC, by far the most right-wing of the three broadcast networks. Sometimes I mistake it for Fox News.

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which pundit argued that stimulus spending and infrastructure investment didn't work to relieve the japanese recession?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2008 2:31 PM  

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