Saturday, October 25, 2008

Right-wing blog data point:

Dan Riehl of Riehl World View:
"I'm not doubting [Obama's grandmother] is ill. But believe me, if you think this guy would leave the campaign trail for an hour if he felt he were running from behind, he wouldn't do it. Not unless he thought it helped him to do so...Man. I hope his numbers don't start to drop. He might have to hold a pillow against her face and maybe later break into tears the way Hillary did. Only I suspect hers were genuine."
After criticism of those remarks were made, he updated the post thustly:
[D]ue to the extreme criticism from the "Laura killed her high school sweetheart, Cheney shot his friend, Bushitler" Left - I felt I should update and bump this post. I'm sorry if my sarcasm regarding the pillow reference came across as too unkind. I am certain Obama is a kind man. Consequently, I don't actually believe he would "smother" his Grandma with a pillow.

I imagine his compassion would compel him to use a plastic bag. But as that is so environmentally unsound, I didn't want to even suggest it in case it might damage his reputation among the faithful, so many of them being Green and all.
That blogger gets 6,000 visits a day.


Two thangs: (1) If Obama had not visited his grandmother, fuckers like this guy would be accusing him of being a cold hearted, cynical, no family values librul. Conservatives want to have it both ways. I'm not going to let them have it both ways. Fuckers.

(2) His post reveals that he is the cynical, no family values ass. Fucker.

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