Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look out China, we're coming after you!

Peter Schiff, economic adviser for Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign and super-free-market fan, writes in the Washington Post: (emp add)
... even today, as market forces deflate the credit bubble, the government is stepping in to re-inflate it. First came the Treasury's $700 billion plan to purchase mortgage assets that no one in the private sector would buy. Now it has recapitalized banks to the tune of $250 billion, guaranteeing loans between banks and fully insuring non-interest-bearing accounts. Policymakers say that absent these steps, banks would not be able to extend loans. But given our already staggering debt burden, perhaps more loans are not the answer. ...

Real credit can be supplied only by savings, so artificial steps to stimulate lending will only produce inflation. By refusing to allow market forces to rein in excess spending, liquidate bad investments, replenish depleted savings, fund capital investment and help workers transition from the service sector to the manufacturing sector, government is resisting the cure while exacerbating the disease.
Who knew workers were transitioning to the manufacturing sector? Given the wage differential between China and the United States, this country will soon be outselling them, and selling to them.


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