Monday, October 27, 2008

Hilarious advice from Bill Kristol:
[It's] time for McCain to ... finally to make his case.

... McCain and Palin can spend the final week speaking for themselves. They should throw themselves open full time to the media.

Next Sunday, McCain and Palin could divide up the talk shows. Sarah Palin live! Lots of people would tune in.

Obama has bought a half-hour of television in prime time Wednesday. McCain and Palin could buy time Thursday night — giving voters some incentive to keep an open mind at least until McCain and Palin get to make their case.

... McCain ... needs to speak about America’s greatness and its future; about how the ingenuity and toughness of the American people will turn around this financial crisis ...

McCain has a chance to close this election in a big and positive way.

Would this turn things around? Unlikely. But why not take a shot?
Unquoted (above) were several references by Kristol about "war", "Iraq", and of course, "Petraeus".


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