Monday, September 22, 2008


Just heard Hannity blame the entire financial mess on the Democrats. He said former Fannie Mae honchos Raines and Johnson were Obama's financial advisors - which is false. And the McCain's Fannie reform bill was stopped in 2005 by the Democrats (who were in the minority). But best of all was the list of people responsible. Schumer, Clinton, and ... Carter!

That's because the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) was passed in 1977.

Somehow I always suspected that Jimmy Carter was the evil genius behind today's problems.


Well, he is history's greatest monster.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/22/2008 2:14 PM  

Jimmy Carter is about as far from being evil, or a genius, as one can get.

By Anonymous jms, at 9/22/2008 3:45 PM  

About a week ago I was trying to convince my boss that no, the Community Investment Act, (i.e. forcing banks to give good ehite money to the bad ghetto N-words) is not really the main component responsible for the 75 trillion hole these geniuses have dug. I did not sway his view. Expect this to be the Zombie Lie that Will Not Die when this is behind us (if ever).

I have long believed that the bstrds will hyperinflate us out of this. Viva Argentina.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/23/2008 5:00 PM  

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