Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wake me up when it's over.


Wake me up when it's over.

Coincidently, that appears to be Barack Obama's position on the subject!

Whomever wins this election -- McCain or Obama, -- is going to have to deal with the results of this deal for the rest of their Presidency, refine it, and make it work. In fact, implementing the bailout and making it work may well become the defining issue of the next Presidency.

How one earth could someone in Barack Obama's position not want to be in on the ground floor -- right there in person -- to make sure that he understands what he is being given in terms of legislation and having maximum influence in getting what he wants amd what he needs to handle this situation for the next four years? And yes, physical presence means everything in a political crisis. There's a big difference between looking someone in the eye and asking them to support your position, and making a phone call from the campaign trail.

McCain came in and through his physical presence symbolically took charge of the Congressional Republicans, while Obama stayed away and let Reed and Pelosi twist rudderlessly in the wind. It never even occurred to Obama to step in and be the leader, and that's the difference between the two men.

This crisis was above his pay grade. And so is the presidency.

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