Saturday, September 06, 2008

I suspect ...

that "Where is Sarah Palin?" will be about as effective as "Where is Bin Laden?" has been for the last seven years.



Don't underestimate her. She's a professional politician and even if she goes one level higher than the fluffy (People) or the Fox news crowd, she'll be coached enough to handle your standard issue political interview fine. Particularly when they start out talking about how much she's been "hurt by the awful liberals attacking her family" or whatever crap.

And look back over those analysis of the debate questions: a telegenic but otherwise average high school kid with good coaching could be taught to give a good performance in our so-called "TV debates." In addition to the questions already asked, she'll have to bone up on news items from the 48 hours preceding the event and she's home free.

She could even "win" it since she is, to the cable gabbers, "telegenic."

Digby had a good post about this kind of thing yesterday, too. "They are going to work themselves into a frenzy over this. And the right will hold Palin off just long enough for the outcry to become deafening. And then Palin will appear in front of a gargantuan television audience (again) on something like 60 Minutes --- and do quite well. They are already working the media hard to make sure they don't go for the jugular -- and they won't.

People need to get over the idea that Palin's some kind of Britney Spears bimbo. She's a professional politician and from the looks of it, a pretty good one. She's not going to fall on her face on TV. They will build the expectations accordingly."

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