Thursday, September 25, 2008


Over at TPM, we read:
McCain: Pressure On Us To Have Debate Tomorrow Is Obama's Fault
By Greg Sargent - September 25, 2008, 7:02PM

John McCain is doing a round of network news interviews tonight (how that gels with the suspension of his campaign is a question for the ages). And in his interview with ABC News' Charlie Gibson, McCain places the blame for the public pressure on them to go through with their debate squarely on...Barack Obama.

From the transcript:
GIBSON: Do we have a debate tomorrow night?
MCCAIN: Well I'm hopeful, very hopeful that we can. I believe that it's very possible that we can get an agreement so that --- in time for me to fly to Mississippi. I understand that there is a lot of attention on this but I also wish Senator Obama had agreed to ten or more town hall meetings that I had asked him to attend with me. Wouldn't be quite that much urgency if he agreed to do that, instead he refused to do it.
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