Monday, September 08, 2008

The deciding factor in this presidential election:

According to Dick Polman, it's racism and it's not being mentioned in the press. He's right.

Oddly enough, many big-name liberal blogs (Ezra K, K-Drum, Benen, Digby, Anon Lib, Kleiman, et al) haven't discussed it much either. Why?


I dunno... I'm from the South and I see racism as something thoroughly entrenched in an older generation. (Of course Jena, Louisiana contradicts that statement, but I feel like Jena is the exception and not the rule these days.) Progress has been made and more will be made in the future. We may have to see most of the baby boomers die off first, but it'll happen.

By Anonymous e. nonee moose, at 9/08/2008 10:21 AM  

I also believe racism is a factor. I think it isn't brought-up because the Obama campaign doesn't want to sound like a bunch a whinners.

By Anonymous Rockie the Dog, at 9/08/2008 12:09 PM  

You can bring it up but what is there to say about it? Racism is a factor. Is there anything that we, as a country, can do about it that we aren't already doing?

By Blogger benzado, at 9/08/2008 12:33 PM  

Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer (and wife of Sen Sherrod Brown) was on Charlie Rose a few weeks ago and she talked about racism. Specifically, she mentioned it in relation to blue collar workers and the conversations she's had with them. She was serious.

I've met her in a small group setting and she struck me as a real person, a mensch.

In the political game, they call the unspoken racism of the American electorate the Bradley effect. My memory is that it refers to Tom Bradley's gubernatorial run in CA.

But I could be wrong.

By Blogger gmoke, at 9/08/2008 9:34 PM  

gmoke, you are correct.

I'm old enough to remember that election, and it was expected from the polling that Bradley would win the election.

By Anonymous The Dark Avenger, at 9/08/2008 10:09 PM  

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