Tuesday, September 09, 2008

100% propaganda:

To see a classic example, check out Bill Kristol's essay at the Weekly Standard. Bashes Obama, and even more, the press. It's laced with tons of fanciful passages. For example: (loaded words in bold)
The astounding (even to me, after all these years!) smugness and mean-spiritedness of so many in the media engendered not just interest in but sympathy for Palin. It allowed Palin to speak not just to conservatives but to the many Americans who are repulsed by the media's prurient interest in and adolescent snickering about her family. It allowed the McCain-Palin ticket to become the populist standard-bearer against an Obama-Media ticket that has disdain for Middle America.
Okay, that's just Bill Kristol being Bill Kristol in the magazine he edits. And he's a complete hack for the Republicahs. Fine. But why the hell is he an opinion columnist at the New York Times?


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