Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain sez Americans won't do hard work for $50/hour:

Which is $100,000 a year.

Earlier this year there were posts on various blogs about how John McCain said to a bunch of union guys* that US workers weren't inclined to do hard work - like picking lettuce in Yuma, AZ - even for $50 an hour. But where was the audio or video? It didn't seem to exist.

Until now. Someone found it and has it at Kos. The clip needs a little better contextual framing, but it should be in everybody's face up to election day.

* Building and Construction Trades Department - AFL-CIO (BCTD). Specifically, appears to be the Building Trades 2006 Legislative Conference, but that doesn't have McCain listed on the schedule, so this needs to be nailed down.


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