Monday, July 28, 2008


The reason McCain is attacking Obama with "He's against the troops" charges like:
  • Not visiting troops in Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
  • Playing basketball "instead of" hanging out with the troops
  • Voting against select funding for military programs
And doing it in a dishonest way, and in harsh terms, is this:
Because of McCain's time as a POW, he cannot be attacked in a similar manner. McCain is unassailable in this particular area.
Even if there is evidence that McCain has an inconsistent record on veterans benefits, the Iraq War in general, or his less-than-stellar career in the Navy, the Obama campaign cannot attack like McCain has. The Obama campaign can only react to McCain's charges. Playing political defense is never the preferred option, but that's all Obama can do in this case.

McCain is safely ensconced in a machine gun nest labeled "POW" and from that vantage can fire all manner of scurrilous charges at Obama. He has already done that, and will continue to do so.


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