Sunday, July 13, 2008

To hell with global warming concerns, just burn stuff:

Bush on Friday:
... one way to deal with supply problems is to increase supply here in America. And one of the things we just went through was a briefing from Secretary Bodman and Secretary Kempthorne about the vast potential of crude oil reserves on offshore lands, as well as in Alaska, as well as in the oil shale in the western part of our country. And yet the Democratic leaders of Congress have consistently blocked opening up these lands for exploration.
Those were part of Bush's brief remarks on the current state of the economy - which is hurting because of high oil prices. he made no mention of alternate energy sources. There was some talk about how extracting oil is less polluting than in years past, but the essence of Bush's remarks are that he's promoting burning of hydrocarbons - and dismissing any other course of action over the long haul..

It's hard to know what's going on in Bush's mind (and maybe Cheney's is the more relevant), but reading between the lines, it appears that Bush has totally accepted the claims of the global warming skeptics. Bush is a Limbaugh dittohead in that regard. In a way, it makes sense. If you don't believe global warming is real then you don't have to (a) worry about it, or (b) work hard to deal with it. Bush doesn't like to be bothered with problems, and he hates work, so his (personal) denying global warming makes sense, even if he has to say otherwise on occasion.


Same as any other religion. Once you reject Global Warming Theology, you are freed from following its tenets.

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