Monday, July 07, 2008

McCain has the solution!

Can't argue with this:
Republican presidential candidate John McCain acknowledged the steep drop in U.S. jobs and said he would help the economy by cutting taxes, encouraging free trade, building nuclear power plants and launching other initiatives.

He ... cited his plans to cut the estate tax ...

Employer contributions toward health insurance would be treated as income ...
[This will have the practical effect of reducing employer-based health coverage.]
Cutting taxes (overwhelimgly for the rich) will get money flowing through the economy again. Free trade will strengthen domestic labor, so much so that for the first time in three decades labor will be able to demand a cut of productivity gains. A national program of building nuclear power plants will end up a legacy for centuries.

Cut the estate tax? Bully!

And eliminating job-based health care will vanquish any pooling of risk or collective barganing power. Instead, everyone will purchase health insurance (if they can afford it) as an individual. We all know that when a small number of corporations face a diffuse, atomized customer base, that the corporations cower and conceed.

Look, if the public elect McCain based on what he's laid out, then they deserve what they get.


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