Friday, June 27, 2008

Two = all of them

Peggy Noonan starts off her essay today with: (emp add)
The big political headline this week, of course, involves John McCain's endless and humiliating attempts to placate Mitt Romney by bowing to demands he hire his operatives and pay his campaign debt. So far all he's got is a grudging one-sentence endorsement from that rampaging rage-aholic Ann Romney.

Oh wait, got confused, that's Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The way it used to be is you ran and lost and either disappeared or pitched in. Mrs. Clinton continues making Mr. Obama look the dauphin to her embittered and domineering queen.

What a hothouse of egos and drama the Democratic Party has become.
Really? The Democratic Pary is "a hothouse of egos and drama"? Even accepting Noonan at face value, her claim is based on the actions of only two people (Hillary and Bill).

Typical Noonan. She does this all the time, is one of the most linguistically manipulative pundits out there, but not really very good at it if you pause and examine the logic of her arguments, which are often feeble (as in the case above).

Anyway, that's the level of argument Noonan deploys. Find any two prominent people in a party and then claim that whatever they're doing is emblematic of the party as a whole. That's what a propagandist does. That's what Noonan does too.


I made it to the end of Nooner...

"The race has a subtext, a historic encounter between the Old America and the New, and suddenly the Old America—those who are literally old, who married a guy who fought at the Chosin Reservoir, and those not so old who yet remember, and cherish, the special glories of the Old—will rise, and join in, and make themselves heard. They will not leave without a fight.

And on that day John McCain will suddenly make it a race, as if moved by them and wanting to come through for them one last time. And then on down to the wire. And then . . .

And then. What a year, what an election. It continues to confound and to bedazzle."

Yea right Peg, all the 70 & 80 somethings from Korea loved losing 36,000 soldiers in Korea. And the not so old like me have fond memories of that quaint little conflict that killed 55,000 of our own, and God knows how many Vietnamese. A war justified on a lie. And we really want to rally behind Old McCain so we can contiue fighting more of these lovely little wars based on lies. It proves our true Old character.

The kids just do not get how glorious white emperialists can be.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/27/2008 3:49 PM  

Peggy Noonan got doped up on too many DC cocktail parties.

Outside of the cocktail party circuit, the only America she knows is Leave It to Beaver reruns looping in her head.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2008 3:39 PM  

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