Wednesday, June 11, 2008


At The American Scene, we find a post titled Could the GOP become the anti-corporate party? which begins with: (emp add)
John Carney touches briefly on an idea that’s been gnawing at me the last few weeks: the brewing anti-corporate sentiment on the right. For a long time now, the Republican party has been the party of business, but I’m not sure that’s bound to last forever. In fact, I wonder if the right won’t revive itself to some significant extent on a tide of anti-corporate sentiment.
Without a close association to corporations, the Republicans will have virtually no political power. No money. No media support. No think-tank approval (or source of bodies).

All that would be left would be social issues, and regarding those, it would be fighting new social trends or trying to return to standards of a century ago or arguing for an injection of religion into state functions. That doesn't seem likely to appeal to more than 30% of the electorate.

Also, look at it from the other side of the equation. What party would corporations want to control? If Democrats hold power, corporations will do their best to get what they want, but the record is clear (Reagan, Bush Jr.) that they do much, much better with Republicans. So, even if there are some anti-corporate voices being heard within Republican ranks, it is in the interests of corporations to silence them. Corporations need a national party, however rickety it may be from time to time, to take advantage of brief periods of unhappiness with the Democrats and get into office to implement the policies they want.


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