Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why did Hillary Clinton go to Florida?

It's one thing to argue for seating the Florida delegation, but going to Florida to tell Floridians that if things don't work out the way Hillary wants, that it's the equivalent of JimCrow/Zimbabwe/2000-Bush-Gore.

The foray into Florida only poisons the state for November, should Obama win the nomination. It's hard to see what the point is of Hillary's visit. Or is it?

CODA: Your go-to blogger on this topic is John Cole. He's mad.


She's playing chicken with the Democratic leadership. She is betting that she can FORCE them to seat Florida and Michigan, under the threat of scorched earth. She needs those delegates to win, and she is in this to win at all costs.

Ultimately her final threat is: Nominate me, or I run in the general as an independent and crash the party into the rocks.

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