Monday, May 05, 2008

Let's get serious:

Sebastian Mallaby writes:
Yes, Jeremiah Wright says some disgraceful things. But can anyone explain how that changes Obama's qualities as a candidate? Is anyone suggesting that an Obama administration would view AIDS as a government plot to kill African Americans?
Of course not. The concern is that an Obama administration would use AIDS to kill whites. By putting the virus into vaccines. Or mixing the AIDS genetic code with arugula. All the while playing four-beat music with emphasis on the first and third beat (to interfere with their left-brain thinking). That's what's scary.


The trusted inner circle of friends of the Candidate usually become the trusted inner circle of friends of the President.

When the country is in crisis, or the President wants advice on an issue, who is on his speed dial? Is it Jerimiah Wright? Is it Bill Ayers? What sort of advice is Barack going to get, and will that advice be good for the country?

That's the issue here.

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