Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey, wait a minute!

From the Clinton conference call, via Taylor Marsh (!):
LA Times: If Clinton gets what she wants out of MI and FL, picking up 111 delegates (best case), she's still behind by 180 delegates. What's the path to the nomination since she'd still be behind.

Wolfson: Good question. That's why I spoke to the polls. Our case has to be made on who is the best candidate against John McCain, and the best president. We will continue to say. Look at the data. We're ahead in the key swing states, we've won key swing states. Look at the map. How do you get to 270 electoral votes?
By the Clinton camp's own reckoning, delegates don't matter. Therefore, Hillary Clinton's marching around Florida and stirring up resentment, is nothing more than a poison-the-state-for-Obama move.


Let's see, the best candidates they wanted for us have, uuuuum lost. Bill Clinton wasn't the best according to the party but he still kicked Republican ass although our supposed demo's in congress kept stabbing him in the back during his term.

No wonder I'm going independant. This party just likes to lose.

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