Thursday, April 17, 2008

Words spoken:

Using the transcript at the New York Times, here is a breakdown showing how many words were spoken in each topic area (by both the moderators and Clinton and Obama) at the Democratic debate in Philadelphia:

  • Red is for generic politics (delegates, running mates).
  • Yellow is for the "gotcha" items (and includes asking candidate X if "Y can win").
  • Green is foreign policy.
  • Blue is taxes (including remarks that Hillary made that strayed from the CapGains tax questions) and gas/oil.
  • Pale blue for guns
  • White for Affirmative Action
Of the (approximately) 15,649 words spoken, 5,811 - or 37% - were devoted to the "gotcha" category.
On economic issues, the ABC moderators focused on taxes and ignored the national debt and any mention of spending for a safety net (as we head into a recession).


Nice work!

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That last comment was from Steven D.

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