Thursday, April 10, 2008

So tired of Michael Gerson:

His latest, anti-Obama and pro-McCain essay begins with this: (2nd para)
There is little doubt that Americans generally feel that the initial use of military force in Iraq was a mistake. Recent, paradoxical polls show a dramatic increase in the number of people who believe that the war is now going well alongside a hardening majority who believe it should not have been begun.
Yawn. Okay, he tells the reader that there is a majority of Americans that think the Iraq war should have not been waged. But also states that there is
"a dramatic increase in the number of people who believe that the war is now going well"
which could be a jump from 20% to 40% (significant) or a jump from 2% to 4% (meaningless). But Gerson doesn't give the hard numbers, so the reader is left to guess. And even if many people are thinking the war is going well, they may also hold the view that the war shouldn't have been waged. But no matter, all Gerson wants to do is ignore his own role in promoting the war when he was Bush's speechwriter, and tout McCain as some sort of "realistic" (!) visionary for the future.

Bonus: Haven't got enough of Fred Kagan? Gerson brings up the recent action in the south of Iraq and provides a taste:
... as Fred Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute points out, Moqtada al-Sadr was forced to cave in at the end.
Gerson cites Kagan of the august AEI. That should be good enough for everyone.


al-Sadr caved?

My understanding was that the Iranian backed Iraqi government and the Iranian backed al-Sadr militia were told by the Iranians to stop fighting.

That's hardly evidence of either side caving, and doesn't bode well for US power.

It might bode well for the ability of the Iranians to keep the Shia zones from falling into internecine warfare after we leave though.

The Turks will keep their thumbs on the Kurds whether we like it or not, and the Sunnis appear to be happy to tag along with whoever will have them at the moment.

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