Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First time ever:

In the news:
WASHINGTON - President Bush has quite a birthday present for Pope Benedict XVI: at least 9,000 excited guests gathered on the White House's South Lawn for a 21-gun salute, a famed soprano's rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" and an emotional presidential welcome. [...]

The president kicked off the unprecedented series of events by motoring to Andrews Air Force Base just outside Washington on Tuesday to meet Benedict's plane, something he's never done for any leader.
Bush does seem like Tony Blair in some respects. Wouldn't be surprised if years from now, he becomes a Catholic.


The Pope is, ex officio, the sort of unitary executive Chimpy can only dream of being. Plus he's infallible. Hence George's deep regard.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/16/2008 10:49 AM  

One of the subtle twists of Iraq is that the ruthlessness and cruelty of AQ has driven a wedge between young Arabs and Islam itself.

Pope Benedict XV has been making statements that seem to lay the groundwork for a mass conversion movement of Muslems to Christianity. Look for him to make more moves in that direction.

By Anonymous jms, at 4/16/2008 8:18 PM  

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