Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Comments at Taylor Marsh in the wake of the Ferraro statements:
  • Nothing wrong with what Ferraro said. you go girl. say it again!
  • This is a former VP candidate of the democratic party that Obama is calling divisive. Obama needs to realize that the world was spinning before he became a candidate.
  • I love Geraldine. I know some do not like what she said. But unfortunately it HAD to be said. She said what many others have thought.
  • I admire her for not backing down. She's a good role model for women.
  • Thank God somebody's standing by their comments. Personally, I don't feel offended by what she said. There is some truth to it. I know Geraldine Ferraro is no racist.
  • I just watched the GMA interview myself...she is quite good. How dare they! is right.
  • Ferraro to Obama camp: stop talking shit
  • I applaud Geraldine Ferraro for refusing to be scapegoated by the Obama campaign and the media for her comments.
  • I think GF has the right to speak her mind, and there was nothing she said that was racist, it was the truth.
  • I've now read Ferraro's statements several times and I don't see the racism.
  • I too applaud Ferraro. She put to words what everyone else is afraid to say. I'm glad that on that interview with Diane Sawyers, she did not let Diane control the interview to cast it in a bad light against Ferraro and Clinton. [...] Obama inflames black people, and then blames Clinton as a race baiter. He wants to dupe whites while getting blacks. This man is disgusting.
  • Geraldine Ferraro is one tough woman who spoke the truth and the pundits can't stand it. She has reiterated what many of us have felt for a long time with this campaign and BO.
  • I think Ferraro was right. More than right. She should stick to her guns. It's time for women to stop being intimidated by these race card bullies. For that's all they are - bullies.
  • Obama has no respect for the Democrats that came before him. His nonsense about Ferarro is still more proof.
  • GO FERRARO GO! I hope she goes on every damn freaking show that will have her...coz she's right on this one and everyone will see that.


Geraldine Ferraro may be no racist, I'll have to take her word for it, but her remark certainly seemed pretty racist, and if she can't see how such an expression of sour grapes would be misconstrued by swaths of Americans who haven't made a career of finely parsed words, as political types often do, even in retrospect, then she might consider remaining behind the scenes as a lobbyist, grubbing up dough for Clinton.

By Blogger Enterik, at 3/13/2008 5:26 AM  

The more I read about the "scorched earth" philosophy of Hillary Clinton and her die hard "supporters," the more I see comparisons to the reptilian brained right wing who adore Bush and will never change their minds no matter what facts they are presented with.

Would the country survive 4 more years of the Bush - Clinton cabal?

By Blogger NWProf, at 3/16/2008 12:16 PM  

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