Saturday, March 29, 2008

What are Democrats supposed to think about this?
Clinton Praises "Moderate" McCain

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf Reports: At a stop in rural Pennsylvania, over winding roads and through rolling hills in small Lewistown, PA, where people lined the streets to watch his motorcade approach, former President Bill Clinton had high praise for the man who has clinched the nomination for the other party.Mr. Clinton said all three major candidates remaining in the race are talented and special people.

He did not go into detail on Sen. Barack Obama, the Illinois Senator still locked in political combat with Sen. Clinton's wife for the Democratic nomination. Their next battle takes place next month in Pennsylvania.

But McCain, who Mr. Clinton said is a "moderate", "has given about all you can give for this country without dyin' for it."

He said McCain was on the right side of issues like being against torture of enemy combatants and global warming, which "just about crosses the bridge for them (Republicans)."

The praise from Clinton comes as McCain, with the Republican nomination locked up and trying to rebrand his Maverick label, has tried to distance himself from President Bush, most notably on foreign policy. In a speech this week McCain talked about the need for more diplomacy.


Pretty much the same thing they should think about this:

Sen. Barack Obama said Friday he would return the country to the more "traditional" foreign policy efforts of past presidents, such as George H.W. Bush, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. [...] “The truth is that my foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional bipartisan realistic policy of George Bush’s father, of John F. Kennedy, of, in some ways, Ronald Reagan [...],” he said.

In other words:

'I'll show you politics in America. Here it is, right here:
'I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.'
'I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.'
'Hey, wait a minute, there's one guy holding out both puppets!'

- Bill Hicks, Rant in E-Minor, 1997

By Anonymous Mike, at 3/30/2008 5:25 AM  

I wasn't aware that George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were running for president this year.

By Blogger Quiddity, at 3/30/2008 8:02 AM  

It's been explained as follows. Right now, at this moment, by virtue of heading the last administration, the Clintons still own the largely dormant structure of the Democratic party.

If elected, Obama will not be staffing his cabinet with former Clinton officials. He will clean house, and will have enough clout to sweep the Clintons, Pelosis and Reeds out of power forever. They, and their power will pass into ancient history, replaced by Obama, his mentor Wright, and, well, no one has any idea what sort of people he will fill his cabinet with.

If McCain beats Obama, then the Clintons power base will remain intact for another run in four years.

The message to the democrats is clear. Nominate Obama, and the Democratic party bus goes off the cliff. She's playing chicken with the party.

The important thing is that she has absolutely nothing to lose. An Obama presidency is political death not just to her, but to everyone associated with the Clinton administration and the Democratic party establishment. Defeating Obama is far more important to Clinton than defeating McCain, and democrats will be astounded when she goes to the convention and fights to the death like a wounded and dangerous animal.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/30/2008 8:54 AM  

I wasn't aware that George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were running for president this year.

Could've fooled me.

By Anonymous Mike, at 3/30/2008 9:48 AM  

At this point I'd take old man Bush. At least he had the good sense not to prolong his war with a mechanized march into Baghdad. And Kennedy resisted the pressure from his joint chiefs (specifically "Bombs Away" LeMay) to preemptively bomb Cuba during the missile crisis, or invade afterward.

Reagan traded arms for hostages and lied about it, and conducted covert war in central America, so he's not a foreign policy role model.

The Clintons will take their fight to the convention, and they don't care if they lose, so long as they sufficiently kneecap Obama. They don't give two cents for the Democratic party. I don't know why they can't see that she won't have a chance in hell in Twenty-Twelve, because she'll be seen rightly as the torpedo that sunk Obama.

By Anonymous Screamin' Demon, at 3/30/2008 12:45 PM  

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