Thursday, March 13, 2008

That's the standard:

In an interview on NPR today, we learn:
Hillary Clinton says the results of Michigan's Democratic presidential primary should count, even if Barack Obama's name did not appear on the ballot.

"That was his choice," she says in an interview with Steve Inskeep. "There was no rule or requirement that he take his name off the ballot.
Okay, then. A candidate's "choice" is the final say on the matter - in this case Obama's not being on the ballot. Well, it was Clinton' "choice" to agree with the rules that said Florida and Michigan delegates don't count if they held their primaries early, which they did. End of discussion - using Clinton rules.


The pledge not to campaign in MI was in response to request/ demand / extortion by party chairs of IA NH SC and Nevada. A tactical choice to bow down / suck up was made by both campaigns, but nothing to do with the rules of the DNC.

Removing name from MI ballot was a choice by Obama - not required by any rule either. Basically taking the sucking up to a higher level.

The extent that DNC credentials committee went in stripping all delegates (instead of say 1/2 like the RNC) was a temper tantrum on their part. FL and Michigan legislatures quite rationally wanted to not have these ridiculous piss ant states to decide nominees for all eternity. FL republican legislature got exactly what it wanted - Florida voters being decisive in naming GOP nominee. The DNC credential committee hissy fit resulted in placing the party in this bad situation - completely foreseeable and completely avoidable.

You want to change the map, work on helping Florida Democrats retake the state. Tell BO to stop treating FL like an ATM. People were quite informed, and both sides had local groups that self started and got additional information out.

Maybe if he thinks "equal protection" means not counting Florida votes the compromise is we appoint him to the Supreme Court - would fit right in.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 2:15 AM  

There was no extortion by party chairs in IA - that line is getting old. Rather, it is state law that the IA caucuses are first in the nation. If TX had moved to early January, IA would have been forced to move into December, regardless of what the state or national party wanted. Oh, wait, the DNC is busy punishing MI and FL dems for following their own state law. :-P

The DNC needs to seat the MI and FL delegates and end this nonsense.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/17/2008 12:23 PM  

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