Sunday, March 09, 2008

More head games:

TPM reports:
Bill Clinton: Hillary-Obama Ticket Would Be "Almost Unstoppable Force"
This in the same week when Hillary Clinton suggested Obama isn't qualified to be president.

The Clintons are engaging in head games. Not only to discombobulate Obama, but the primary electorates as well. It's so confusing, you know, that maybe I should vote for Hillary because then all my troubles are solved (anxiety over Obama assuaged by voting for "experienced" Hillary, yet not wanting to see him out of the race).

The Clinton campaign is pulling trick after trick. Most of them are fair political stunts (although not the CIC gambit), but the frequency is much higher than you'd see in most campaigns, and the messengers - the candidate herself, the former president (!) - are higher-ranking than usual.

They sure are fighters, no mistake about that. Sadly, this fighting and focus is only showing up now on behalf of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Some of that energy would have been useful earlier in Bush's term, when critical issues were being debated. But that would have only benefited the nation.


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