Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comment at TPM Election Central:
Geraldine Ferraro is comparing her selection to be the VP candidate to where Senator Obama is today, and claiming that she was only the VP candidate because she is a Woman, and that Senator Obama is only where he is because he is a black man.

Here is the difference, and it is a huge one.

Voters did not elect Geraldine Ferraro into the VP slot. She did not run in any primaries, so yes she got picked without having to earn it.

Senator Obama has had to run a fifty state national campaign and earn ever vote and delegate that he has obtained. He started out as a huge underdog against a very tough slate of opponents, including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton who was dominating all the polls.

He earned every vote that he has received.

No one ever got to cast a vote to make Geraldine Ferraro the VP candidate.


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