Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why you can't trust Bill Clinton:

Regarding the upcoming Nevada caucuses, there are three groups of people to consider:
  • The vast majority who do not have to work on Saturday.
  • Casino workers who have to work on Saturday.
  • Non-casino workers who have to be at the job on Saturday.
The rule, approved last year, to allow casino workers to caucus at their work locations was instituted to give them the same ability to caucus as the vast majority of Democrats (category 1 above).

But Bill Clinton now argues against allowing that because:
"... it [would] be easier for [casino workers] to vote than anybody else in Nevada that has to work on Saturday.
And therefore is unfair. But Bill has decided to look at fairness between the latter two groups of caucus attendees, and not between two largest groups (which matters most).

This kind of shoddy argumentation goes on all the time, and anyone can do it. Take a proposed action and then, ignoring the broadest measure of equality, focus on some tiny aspect that is unfair.

Here's the question for you all: Why is Bill Clinton held in such high esteem by Democrats? Why don't they react negatively to his BS?


Part of it is just he was a nominal democrat who won presidential election--twice. And while there's a lot to dislike about his policies (not discussing personal stuff yet), by and large the economy was ok, we were at peace, etc.

The Republicans really went overboard in their hatred for him and in pointing the machinery of impeachment at him.

However, the current campaign has made me downgrade him greatly in my estimation. He really should have crawled under a rock but he's out basically lying almost every day. And, ok, a lot of that goes on in campaigns, but lying about an opponent's record is one thing--lying to disenfranchise voters is entirely different.

So I've had enough of Bill, and hope I don't have to see him again in the White House. He'll be insufferable.

By Blogger riffle, at 1/17/2008 11:44 AM  

He's running for co-president. I second riffle's assessment: he is an insufferable jerk, and the last person we need in the White House. About the kindest thing that could ever be said for him is that he was the best Republican president since Eisenhower. And that ain't saying much.

He's pissed because the culinary workers union endorsed Obama. If they'd endorsed Hillary, you'd hear nary a peep out of him about the caucuses.

If Hillary wins the nomination, the Democrats will not win the White House, and might even lose Congress. Of course, the Iran war that Cheney will launch during the week of the Democratic convention won't help matters, either.

By Anonymous Screamin' Demon, at 1/18/2008 2:15 PM  

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