Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Delegates:

Those are the elected officials that get to vote in the convention which will choose the presidential nominee. Generally, they are seen as an obstacle to the prevailing political mood, since these are office holders elected in previous years, and with loyalties to the existing power structure.

As a rule, progressives don't like super delegates.

Unless you are a Hillary supporter. Guess what? Over at Open Left, Chris Bowers has a post, What Is So Undemocratic About Super Delegates?, where he tries to make the case. Excerpt:
... every Super Delegate was elected to his or her position by other Democrats, just as every pledged delegate was also elected by other Democrats. So, why, exactly, are the Super Delegates less democratic than the Pledged Delegates?
Of course, being "democratic" is not the issue. Being a fair representative of Democrats' 2008 presidential preferences is, but Bowers evades that issue. (And by Bower's reasoning, you could have a convention that is 100% super delegates and he wouldn't object.)

And there's more! Bowers links to a post at Hillary-supporting MyDD, titled Superdelegates are people too. Which also argues that they are a good thing.

Here's my point: Ostensible progressives, like the folks at Open Left and MyDD have completely abandoned concerns about fair play. They haven't complained about Hillary's move to get the Michigan delegates seated. They haven't said that Bill's charge that the Nevada caucus rules were "unfair", was a gross exaggeration. And now they are stout defenders of super delegates. You wouldn't have expected that from reading them two years ago, but now they are willing to sacrifice whatever reputation they had for integrity, all to support Hillary.


wow, quiddity, you've been subjecting yourself to the hardcore Hillarybots recently (Taylor Marsh and her commenters, now OpenLeft and MyDD).

These people have totally lost me.

My arguement will be Mike Bloomberg was elected by a lot of Democrats too (any Mayor of NYC has to be). And if Hillary is nominated, I think he'll use his super-super delegate named "Several Billion US Dollars" and plant The Stench of Truth all over the Clntons.

So, OpenLeft and MyDD, Bloomberg's superdelegates trump your superdelegates.

As a lifelong Democrat I never thought I'd say that, but then I never thought I'd see Bill Clinton racebaiting to win a few delegates.

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