Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama's victory speech impressed conservatives:

At least at NRO. Here are some remarks (with the nits removed):
  • David Freddoso - He is getting above the fray right now. I really think it will work for him in the future.
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez - ... listening to his inspirational, rallying speech tonight it's clear and obvious that if he's the nominee, he will be tough to beat.
  • Mark R. Levin - As I watched Obama's speech, I tried to imagine an Obama-McCain match-up. And I think McCain would get his clock cleaned ...
  • Rich Lowry - ... a stirring victory speech by Obama ...
    Overall, a stunningly deft performance, and a moving one. It's the best liberal case you'll ever hear for moving on from the Clintons.
  • Peter Wehner - Barack Obama's speech tonight was simply exceptional — and a reminder of why he is one of the most remarkable political talents in our lifetime. He was able to speak in ways that seem to rise above conventional politics ...
    His capacity to touch and stir authentic emotions is remarkable.
    ... the Obama message is about unity, not divisions; and hopes rather than grievances. If Obama wins the Democratic nomination, Republicans have a great deal to fear. He has tremendous break-out potential.
    ... Obama is a graceful and dignified person who draws people to him rather than drives them away. He is impossible to dislike. And when you see Obama and Clinton together, or back to back, is there any doubt who is the more impressive person — or the more formidable political figure?


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