Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maybe this should get more attention:

In a comment at Obsidian Wings, this observation: (emp add)

My own informal survey of California Democratic voters this afternoon (in my local L.A. bar, comprised mostly of Democratic patrons: film union guys, construction workers in the Pipe Union, self employed small business men, the female bartender in her 20s from working class Bakersfield, and a Catholic Japanese contractor from affluent Los Feliz, is that they're all supporting the Clintons (I say Clintons, plural, because a significant number said they want Bill to be involved in the daily operational decisions of governing, because they were happy with the results of his two terms in office, and want more of the same.

Me too.

Posted by: Jay Jerome | January 27, 2008 at 09:50 PM
Is this a widely held view? Is it something Hillary would want to emphasise or downplay? Has Bill been involved with Hillary's activities in the Senate? Without going into too much detail, what policies that Bill signed off on (NAFTA, Habeus Corpus restrictions, welfare reform, extraordinary rendition, etc) would be continued under president Hillary Clinton? Would Bill sit in on cabinet meetings? Who's in charge?

Sounds like there is still a lot of Bill-love out there, and it's being transferred to Hillary this election year. And for Bill, a way to get around the 22nd amendment (which limits anyone to two presidential terms).

Of interest, is this tidbit:
Bill Clinton stated his opposition to repealing the amendment, but supported modifying it to prohibit former presidents from serving more than two consecutive terms, but permitting them to seek election after an intervening term.
Let's see. Bill served two consecutive terms, then left office, and now an intervening term (actually two) is over. And he's sort of running for prez. How about that?


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