Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'll have an order of William Kristol and a side of Mr. Goatlover:

Good news, everybody! Not only is Bill Kristol coming to the op-ed pages of the New York Times, but you can also catch Mickey Kaus as well. A winning combination, that's for sure. (partial screenshot for the 1 January 2008 web page)


I have the answer: I don't ever read the New York Whore Times and depend on bloggers for links to the latest Krugman column.

AFAIC, Punch Sultzberger deserves exactly that, preferably delivered by Mike Tyson directly to his wrinkled old throat.

Brenda Helverson (damned blogger won't let me sign in)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/01/2008 6:07 PM  

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