Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good summary of Nevada / So. Carolina results:

In a comment at Open Left: (emp add)
McCain vs Clinton. Ugh.
Today sucked (for me).

I am left to hope that Romney can pull the upset on McCain; if Thompson and Huckabee deflate after today, and Giuliani rises at all, it's possible.

And I'm left to hope that Obama can beat Hillary, though I don't have any realistic way to imagine how he does it, other than unforced errors on her part, or a big swing into his column by various establishment players who don't want Hillary atop the ticket (redstate Dems, possibly Gore or Edwards, etc). Anyway, I'm not sure there's anything he himself can do to save himself, unless he can really pull out a sharper critique of Clinton and the Old Establishment in the next couple of weeks. And for a campaign that has been so consistent in its message, to pivot now would be a difficult maneuver to perform credibly.

Ugh. The least inspiring candidate on our side and the least odious candidate on their side would normally mean I'd turn my attention to Congress, but that particular combination atop the ticket is the most limiting for us downballot as well. I think Clinton will win of course but not with the wave of independent support that could bring us an extra-big Congressional wave.

Ugh. Bad saturday for me.
But hey, it's great for the Clintons, and that's all that matters, right?

I've said for years (going back to the mid-90s) that the Clintons are bad for the Democrats. Now watch them prove it.


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