Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to Brad DeLong's utopia:

Item: (emp orig)
Even college grads might want to consider blue-collar careers. Last year, because U.S. News readers tend to be college educated, we included only careers that typically require at least a bachelor's degree. This year we've added four careers that don't. Why? More and more students are graduating from college at the same time that employers are offshoring more professional jobs. So, many holders of a bachelor's degree are having trouble finding jobs that require college-graduate skills.
Repeat after me: Protectionism is good. There is no need to trade with countries that pay their workers a pittance (or work without proper safety measures). The much-heralded "benefits" of cheaper imported goods comes at the price of hollowing out, and ultimately destroying, a real national asset: professions that took years of effort and education to develop. "Consumerism" is the handmaiden of International Capitalist Darwinism, since all it cares about is the price of an item and ignores externalities such as the impact on domestic manufacturing and services (to the detriment of both the businessman and the worker).


Yes, it is Darwinian.

We tend to think of two animals competing, or two economies competing when speaking of Darwinian processes.

Perhaps we should think in terms of parasites: a parasitic infestation - like lamprey eels-which will ultimately destroy its host!

This never dawned on me until I read your post, so don't blame me.

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