Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Clinton loveliness:

On Hardball tonight, Clinton advisor has this to say in the wake of Bill Shaheen's comments about Obama and drug use:
MATTHEWS: These comments that are coming out of your campaign from different directions -- and I`m not sure how they`re coming, and nobody does -- but going after his perhaps youthful drug use, which he admitted in his book, and going after comments he made as a student and as a kindergarten student in fifth -- at the age of 5, I should say, do you think those appropriate shots at the opponent, or are they below the belt?

MARK PENN, CLINTON SENIOR CAMPAIGN STRATEGIST: Well, I think we have made clear that the -- the issue related to cocaine use is not something that the campaign was in any way raising. And I think that has been made clear. I think this kindergarten thing was a joke after Senator...

JOE TRIPPI, SENIOR EDWARDS CAMPAIGN ADVISER: I think he just did it again. He just did it again.

PENN: This kindergarten thing, after what the senator did...

TRIPPI: Unbelievable. They just literally...

PENN: Excuse me.

TRIPPI: No, no. No, no, Mark, excuse me.

PENN: Excuse me. Excuse me

TRIPPI: This guy`s been filibustering on this. He just said cocaine again. It`s like...

PENN: I think you`re saying cocaine.

TRIPPI: No, no.

TRIPPI: You just did it.
Trippi is an Edwards man. David Axelrod, chief strategist for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, also present on the show, didn't jump in during that exchange.


Trippi and Penn were shoulder to shoulder in the same room. Axelrod was outside somewhere else, so it would have been difficult for him to jump in. Trippi did a pretty good job I think.

Penn really looked weaselly and I don't think he even got his points across, except for intoning "cocaine" into the ether.

I read that Howard Wolfson, Hillary's usual pitbullish liar-on-tv, is afraid to fly so he's driving to Iowa. Maybe he didn't make it yet, because as Republican as Woolfson looks on TV at least he doesn't emit the cadaverous stench of Penn.

I'm genuinely surprised the Clintonistas have appeared so sophomoric and hapless. Once the inevitability fell off their manure wagon, I guess all they had left was manure.

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