Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is Hardball for eighth graders?

Here's the opening and closing lines from today's Hardball segment on the Democatic presidential race:
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Welcome back to HARDBALL. Obama has pulled 6 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa, according to the latest "Newsweek" poll. But with three weeks left to the caucuses, can he hold or even widen his margin? Is the Hillary campaign due for a shake-up? And can Senator Edwards survive if he loses in Iowa? Big questions for our big guys coming and joining us right now. David Axelrod is chief strategist for the Obama campaign. Joe Trippi`s senior strategist for the Edwards campaign. And Mark Penn and the senior strategist for the Clinton campaign. Gentlemen, you are the big shots. You are the star fighters of this coming -- in fact, new century.

MATTHEWS: OK. Thank you, David. Thank you, Joe. Thank you, Mark Penn. You are the masters of the universe.
As a commentor put it:
... what's the deal with with starting the show with "Starfighters" and ending with "Masters of the Universe?" Is Huckabee the Death Star, is Rudy Skeletor? Is Chris stuck in my mid-80's childhood? All we're missing is a riff on GI Joe and Transformers. "Does your candidate view Dick Cheney as a Cobra Commander or is he closer to a Megatron? Show of hands!"
Also, some observations at the subversive garden.


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