Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Then it was Private Beauchamp, and now it's the Frost family:

Ezra has a good post about the recent Malkin-lead inquiry into the personal lives of the family that were part of the pro-SCHIP campaign. Ezra makes a passing reference to Scott Beauchamp, the guy who was a big part of a story in TNR that was unenthusiastic about the Iraq War. When the right went after Beauchamp (who was initially using an alias, Scott Thomas, because he was still serving in the military) they started looking around on the internet for dirt, and in one case Malkin highlighted a "find", his MySpace page. That seemed creepy a the time (not the MySpace page, but what appeared to be a pure fishing expedition into a person's private life). His personal life had become a focus of inquiry.

With that established as an accepted procedure, it's no surprise that the same "probe into the personal" would be used against the Frost family.


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