Tuesday, October 09, 2007

N degrees of separation:

You know about Graeme Frost, the boy who benefited from SCHIP. And there has been the Malkin investigation into the parents, Bonnie and F. Halsey Frost. But there's more.

Over at Riehl World View, they've decided to take the next step. Investigate the grandparents.
How about getting [Granddad] to cash in on the vintage 1956 T-Bird, 56 being the year he graduated from Princeton, F H? Doesn't he care enough about his Grand kids? I mean, that question's fair game, right? After all, you weren't too ashamed to put it to us by allowing your child to be used by a liberal political machine, right?

That's the car that recently won him third place in an antique car show.
You see, if you track along your family tree or network of friends (and their friends, etc) you will eventually end up at Bill Gates, or someone with a vintage car that can be turned into cash. And those folks should be paying for whatever it is the distressed family needs, not the government. Simple as that.

BONUS: Riehl World View also speculates about the Frosts (mom and dad):
This story is about the parents, Bonnie and F. Halsey Frost who [hold] what I might assume is a liberal view on abortion, not only most likely support that free choice; if someone wants to have kids, they apparently believe it's cool [to have modest] jobs without having to worry about providing for whatever number of moppets one might feel like dropping into the world.
In other words, the Frosts are just like any other liberal who doesn't give a damn about personal responsibility. So they shouldn't have had children. Or something like that.

As Ezra put it, "This is the politics of hate. Screaming, sobbing, inchoate, hate."


Wait, aren't the Frosts the very same sort of small business owners that Conservatarians are always going on about as being threatened by every program in our social safety net?

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