Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Malkin Madness:

Guess who is to blame for the Southern California wildfires? Malkin knows:
Environmentalists blame global warming for the problem, but guess who’s standing in the way of a solution?

Litigious environmentalists ...

Lawsuits have tied up the president’s Healthy Forests Initiative passed in 2003.
As a commentator at Baloon Juice put it:
[Malkin] has absolutely no fucking clue what she is talking about, not unusual but in this case she is just plain retarded. With the exception of the forests up in the lake Arrowhead area the rest of the fires are burning through scrub brush and grass. The “trees” aren’t even fucking trees.
Related. Over at Carpetbagger, there is this observation (in reaction to Glenn Beck):
I’m ... confused about what kind of psychosis leads a person to look at the California wildfires and think about the political ideologies of those who are suffering. I mean, I’m a political guy, and have been for as long as I can remember. But when I see a family fleeing their home, en route to a shelter, because wildfires threaten their community, it just doesn’t occur to me to ask, “I wonder if those people hate America?”
Malkin (and Beck) would blame liberals and Democrats if there was an eclipse of the moon. They have no integrity. And they deserve to be ignored. The problem is that both of them are given a megaphone (Fox News Channel, CNN) by an equally dishonest media that is not interested in reporting the news, but aggrandizing their power.


Those of you not from the area may not appreciate the irony of Beck's remarks. Northern San Diego County is strongly right-wing conservative Republican in its political orientation.

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